On invitation of his Excellency, Mr. Christian Timonie, the Ambassador of France in R.North Macedonia invited the Executive Director of the National Roma Center Kumanovo, Asmet Elezovski to meet with Ms. Nathalie Loiseau, the Minister of European Affairs at the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs. She visited North Macedonia with an agenda for a meeting with the government, political parties, and with that the representatives of the NGOs, partners of the Embassy. The Minister was accompanied by Ms. Marta de Sidrak, Senator and President of the France-Western Balkans Friendship Group, as well as Mr. Bertrand Sor, MP, President of the Friendship Group France-Northern Macedonia. The event was held on 26.02.2019. The event was attended by the first people of the civic sector in the Republic of North
Macedonia from all ethnic communities. Mrs. Nathalie Loiseau addressed us all for the position of France with a positive support for bringing the countries of the Western Balkans closer to the EU. She pointed out that Macedonia’s steps to a good direction, however, serious adjustments are needed to a number of regulations and legal provisions for respecting the rule of law. All participants had the opportunity to introduce the minister to their views and needs and attitudes about the situation in the country. Ashmet Elezovski, in his own name and on behalf of the organization, pointed to the continuity of the open support of France for many years to our country and thus to the Roma among the present to confirm this from the French delegation was Mr. Allen Le Roa, Ambassador of France to the Special Representative of the EU Delegation to Macedonia in 2001-2002 during the conflicts, which pointed to the need for further cooperation and the integration of the Roma a question on the agenda for Macedonia’s inclusion in the EU. Out of all the revolting factors in this process. Asmet Elezovski pointed out that there should be attention and commitment for the Roma in the field of employment, housing and migration various forms of discrimination for equal rights according to international documents and the constitution of the Republic of N. Macedonia. The message to the Minister was respecting communication parity dialogue exchange experiences for a better tomorrow of all citizens in the country.
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