National Roma Centrum participated in the fight against racism in football from the 11th to the 26th of October this year.

As a part of the network and campaign for social change in European sports, National Roma Centrum helped mark the Action Week for Combating racism in football for 2018.

National Roma Centrum promoted the action week through our website and social media. We also helped promoted the campaign in conjunction with our current campaign Roma Pride – “Dosta 2018 NRC”. With the support of the Council of Europe, these events took place in Skopje, Macedonia and Strasbourg, France. The shared message was to improve the position and status of the Roma community, reduce discrimination and racism in Europe and the Western Balkan countries through sports.

The members of the National Roma Center supported the campaign which is now being realized in more than 60 countries by citizens, activists, well-known athletes, clubs, institutions,and international media with a clear message: Together for positivity, respect, health, and sporting events full of friendship and love.

The final event was held on October 24 at an evening sports football event in the Skopje municipality of Gazi Baba in the Roma settlement Madzari. It was held in cooperation with the youth organization Symbiosis 12 and Roma youth. The event was led by the councilor of the town of Skopje, Erdjan Selimi.

“Every effort is valuable to this issue, especially to improve coexistence throughout Europe and the world,” said Asmet Elezovski on behalf of the National Roma Centrum.

The participants received T-shirts and played football.

NRC will remain a supporter of this campaign in the future.

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