In the frames of the project “Supporting Roma women to identify their needs, seek their rights and increase their access to services for women who survived violence”, implemented with the support of UN Women, a training was held on ” How can I recognize and protect myself from discrimination? ” At the training attended by 16 participants, Katerina Sojic, head of the legal program and advocacy, spoke with Romani women about recognizing discrimination, the mechanisms for protection against discrimination and which is not considered discrimination.The goal of the project is to reduce discrimination and violence against Roma women and girls in Macedonia. The specific goal of the project is to provide access and provision of services for Roma women and girls faced with discrimination and / or violence, gender equality, effective communication between civil society and relevant institutions, as well as advocacy for timely, accessible and quality services.
The project is being implemented in Kicevo, Kumanovo, Veles, Shtip, Kocani, Prilep.

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