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NRC tends to create sustainable community of young Roma girls and women researchers and leaders who will be able to report on current social issues, public policy influences and create positive change in their communities and lives. In that regard National Roma Centrum has organized Roma girls media camp BUVERO 2019 for a group of 12 Roma girls from 6 cities in North Macedonia to produce audio-visual materials and to form a network for communication between Roma girls and women.

The camp was organized within the frameworks of the project “Support of Roma women to identify their needs, claim their rights and increase their access to services for survivors of violence” to end discrimination and violence against Roma women and girls in North Macedonia supported by UN Women and EU. The aim of the BUVERO camp was to develop communication skills of Roma girls and women and to promote equal opportunities. Roma girls at the BUVERO media camp 2019 had the opportunity to report on their community, gender and identity using their own words, from their own perspective, a practice that will help them to combat discrimination, gender inequality, violence against women and domestic violence. During the training they strengthened their abilities for new creative ways of expressing themselves and with professional mentoring created 3 short documentary movies.