Interactive workshop with students from primary and high schools from Kumanovo in order to recognize stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination and influence for reduction and prevention

National Roma Centrum on October 27, 2017 organized a workshop as а part of Campaign DOSTA! “Get over the Prejudices, Meet the Roma” and Campaign “Roma Pride” supported by Campaign Dosta! program of the Council of Europe and “Europe for Citizens” program of the European Union.

Campaign DOSTA! “Get over the Prejudices, Meet the Roma” and Campaign “Roma Pride” is being implemented in cooperation with primary and secondary schools in Kumanovo. Over 60 students and 12 teachers took part in the workshop

The first part of the workshop started with the Deputy Ombudsman Ms. Vaska Bajramovska Mustafa with expertise in the field of children’s rights introduced the students about the negative phenomena in education such as stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination. Through discussion and personal examples, students had the opportunity to understand the meaning, feelings and emotions that are transmitted through the wrong opinions, perceptions and assertions that are a major part of stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination.

In the second part of the workshop through group work, the students together with their Teachers worked on defining messages, quotes of creative creations which will be written on the shirts at the event, were also defined the main slogans that will need to be written on large canvases as motto of each school against stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination.

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