Representatives of NRC attended the first event for celebration of the Roma language world day

The event was held in organization of The Minister for implementation of the National strategy on Roma in Macedonia, Mr. Samka Ibraimovski. The Prime Minister, Mr. Zoran Zaev also attended the event, as well as the Minister of Education, Mrs. Renata Deskoska.

“NRC congratulates 7 November – The Roma language world day, proclaimed in 2015 by UNESCO. Roma language is mild and euphonious. It is about a language that is alive, wherever you go with the Roma language, Roma can understand each other, no matter if they are in Argentina, Spain or England. Roma should be proud of their language, because though it they send messages of peace and tolerance” – said the Executive Director of NRC, Mr. Ashmet Elezovski.

NRC is one of the initiators for celebration of the Roma language world day, as well as of other important dates for the Roma culture, history and tradition.

During the first Roma congress in 1971 in London, Roma language was officially recognized as a language of the Roma in Europe, and it is also put in the European charter for regional and minority languages of the Council of Europe. The number of Roma in Europe goes around 12 and 15 million. Rome language is spoken in more than 60 percents of the countries of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe.