The campaign is being implemented with purpose to influence the perceptions for Roma based on prejudices and stereotypes by promoting the values of the Romani people and creating a better image of Roma

National Roma Centrum from October 2017 started with implementation of the campaign DOSTA! “Get Over the prejudice, meet the Roma!” and campaign Roma pride. Campaign activities are supported by the DOSTA! campaign program of the Council of Europe and “Europe for Citizens” Program of the European Union.

This is the third year of the campaign DOSTA! „Get Over the Prejudices, Meet the Roma!“ in partnership and cooperation with primary and secondary schools from Kumanovo. The campaign activities will be realized in 3 phases: Workshop, Event and Exhibition.

In the campaign DOSTA! „Get Over the Prejudices, Meet the Roma!“ Is also included the campaign for the dignity of Roma “Roma Pride”

„Roma Pride” is a campaign which manifests Equality and Dignity in Europe for the eight time, with purpose to give hope to young people about the future and fight for their right to have the benefit of a good education, which will give them the opportunity to find their way, to shape their own life, without the suffocating restrictions imposed by racism.

Let’s meet the Roma through Roma Pride, celebrate Roma culture, tradition and history with dignity!

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