The students sent messages for overcoming of stereotypes and prejudices against Roma

Today at the center for culture “Traiko Prokopiev” has finished the campaign of the National Roma Centrum (NRC), DOSTA! „Get Over the prejudices, Meet the Roma!“ with the exhibition of the creative works made by the students from primary and secondary schools from Kumanovo. On the closing manifestation the citizens had opportunity to see the messages sent by the students, and they refer to the overcoming of stereotypes and prejudices against the Roma.

The goal of the campaign is to make influence on the students towards reduction of prejudices, stereotypes and discrimination against the Roma in the education al process.

“The students under mentorship of the professors of art were working and creating altogether in the previous two phases from the campaign. The Deputy Ombudsman – Vaska Bajramovska Mustafa took part in the first campaign, against the Roma ethnic community and hence the students created the messages and I must emphasize that they were very creative” – said the coordinator of the project Irfan Martez from NRC.

Today the students and NRC have started the celebration of the International Human Rights Day, December 10.

The head of the I-Care Roma and Travelers Team, Michael Guet have spoken to the audience, who conveyed the messages from the campaign DOSTA! „Get Over the prejudices, Meet the Roma!“ and the importance of the impact on the reduction of stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination.

The professor of art from the primary school “11 Oktomvri “, Aleskandar Stefanovski said that in their school with students from different ethnically communities, they are constantly working on promotion of the coexistence in the school and outside.

The municipal administrator of the sector for education of Kumanovo , Coki Ristovski said that the municipality in cooperation with the civil associations is continually working on tolerance and overcoming the prejudices within the educational process.

The campaign DOSTA! „Get Over the prejudices, Meet the Roma!“ is supported by the Council оф Europe and the „Europe for citizens“ Program of European union.

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