2018 projects for social inclusion, social justice and rights

 In 2017 NRC has realized significant and major projects to promote the rights of citizens, the rights of Roma women, to achieve progress in all spheres of life of the Roma community. The next year, there will be realization of projects with which will be achieved greater social justice and promotion of the rights of the Roma community. However, achieving a quality standard of living, promotion of rights is not just an event or a project, but a process that needs to be constantly upgraded. This was the overview assessment of 2017 and expressed expectations for the next 2018 by the NRC Executive Director Ashmet Elezovski.

The Buvero Camp, Project against discrimination, the campaign “Enough!”, “One Sun for All”, aimed at raising awareness among young people to overcome prejudice, discussions among young people to overcome stereotypes, activities within “Roma Pride”, social inclusion, were only part of the projects realized in 2017.

“These campaigns and projects could not be realized if there weren’t our friends and programs of EU, the EC Delegation of the EU in Macedonia, the French Embassy, ​​the program through the Swiss Embassy, ​​the Budapest office of the Soros Foundation and others who, according to their possibilities, open the roads for creating civic ideas that are sustainable and will make a substantial contribution to the citizens. Every citizen should feel the benefits”- said Elezovski.

For the next 2018, NRC will implement projects that will directly affect the advancement of the rights of the Roma community, to improve the situation of marginalized communities, enhance democracy, social justice and rights.

“We will work for the direct benefit of the citizens and leave a permanent mark on future generations,” said Mr. Elezovski.

NRC will enter processes and mark significant dates and jubilees for the Roma community, 75 years of the Roma flag, 10 years since the celebration of the Roma Day on 8 April and 15 years since the existence of the NRC.

“Systemic resolution and program concept is needed, strategy to improve the life of every individual, to every citizen in Macedonia, in order to improve inclusion” – said Mr. Elezovski.

Citizens who have any needs, problems, suggestions, remarks and all those who want to be informed can contact and visit the official NRC website http://www.nationalromacentrum.org/mk/ and www.ednomagazine. com