Duration: 30.09.2013/30.09.2014

Financial support: French Embassy in Macedonia

Budget: 3300 EUR

Goals of the project

  • Improving the access to information for the Roma community and the people from marginalized groups in general;
  • Establishing dialogue with the Roma community in order to understand it better and to present their problems and their views in front of decision makers;
  • Raising awareness for public policies related to the Roma;
  • Encouraging strengthening of participation in democratic processes in the Roma community;
  • Strengthening interethnic relations and helping for a better understanding of a multicultural society;
  • Establishing an effective mechanism for identifying and assisting the people in fulfilling their rights;
  • Raising awareness of the creators of public policies about the problems of the Roma community and of the people from marginalized groups in the society in order to create a better legislation and its implementation;
  • Enriching the media market by introducing multimedia reporting, interactive narrative and web documentaries through the website of the monthly magazine ONE in order to present new ways of using the media as a service.