Start 1 Marth 2016 – End December 2016


The goal of the project is to ensure increased Roma inclusion in the socio-political life in Macedonia by greater understanding and participation in the elections process. The project also aims to increase the influence of the Roma to Roma and Non-Roma political parties by more active participation in the political life and improved advocacy for their rights. We aim to ensure that 7,000-10, 000 Roma recognize this opportunity and the importance of these changes with the help of some 100 trained Roma that will help in the motivation and education of voters.

The objectives of the project are as follow:

To train 100 young Roma activists that will actively work on field to motivate and to raise awareness about the importance of active participation in the election process as a mean to ensure that their interest is properly represented in the political life in the country.

To raise awareness among the Roma population from the second, the third and the fourth electoral constituencies about the importance of placing their collective demands on the agendas of Roma and Non-Roma political candidates.

Ensure that the Roma voters from the above mentioned electoral constituencies have accurate information about the current procedures and voter registration processes.

To increase the number of Roma community members actively involved in the monitoring process of the elections.

The idea behind this set of objectives is to ensure that Roma community member are well informed and take active part in each phase of the elections process, from voting, to being candidates and elections monitors as a key step in ensuring that their votes will not be abused and that their collective interests are rightfully represented in the political life and the state institutions.


Donor: Roma Initiatives Office