Implementation period: 01.06.2016 – 30.12.2018

The development objective is the reduction of poverty and social exclusions of Roma communities in Macedonia

The project objective To combat the segregation of Roma minorities and facilitate the reintegration of returning Roma migrants in Macedonia


  • 6 NGO’s in 6 cities working on service providing (3 service providing centers and 3 open nurseries on:
  • Fundamental rights and re-integration (Legal aid and representation in at least 180 administrative procedures in access to land privatization procedures, access to housing, social and health protection, employment, administrative procedures for personal documents)
  • Reintegration in education and VET
  • Inventive start-up business and entrepreneurship
  • Cooperation with municipalities for local strategies
  • Trainings
  • Reintegration of 500 families and 800 children in 6 cities

Donor: We effect