Implementation period: 01.05.2017-30.04.2018

Overall objective: To strengthen social inclusion of the Roma citizens with children as the main focus, in 6 municipalities in Macedonia.

Specific objective: To provide regular delivery of legal aid service to Roma citizens with Roma children at the focus, strengthening the capacity of local Roma NGO and more effective communication with the local authorities, from the 6 regional NRC centers.


  1. Roma communities( Roma citizens, Roma children in particular) in the 6 municipalities provided with regular free legal aid in the areas that have to do with the administrative work (personal documents), social protection, housing(legalization), education, health,civil and child rights (discrimination, etc).
  2. Strengthening local Roma NGO through training delivery, technical support, regional NRC centers work inclusion.
  3. Communication between Roma citizens and local Roma NGO with the municipalities and strengthening communication through actualization of the so called citizen report card (an online system for citizen communication with the authorities).

Project implementation location: in the municipalities Kumanovo, Kriva Palanka, Kicevo, Kocani, Stip and Prilep.

Donator: Civica Mobilitas