Terms of References

For procurement of expert service for developmentand preparation of strategy for NRC social enterprise  (B.L the project No. P9410“Organizational development of NRC and improved employability and entrepreneurship skills of Roma people, especially women and youth

I.     Background

The project “Organizational development of NRC and improved employability and entrepreneurship skills of Roma people, especially women and youth”, supported by We Effect started in May 2021.

The project objective is ”Providing support in rural development especially for poor members of the communities in the selected market systems so that local communities are resilient and sustainable.” The project with be based on two outcomes, first being focused on implementation of MSD based pilot interventions. The second outcomes is ”Increased organizational capacities and financial sustainability of NRC”.

NRC will work onDevelopment and preparation of a strategy for the social enterprise of NRC, for a period of three years 2022-2024.

According to the project documents, the engagement will be development and preparation of a strategy for the social enterprise of NRC, during themonths February -March 2022.

II. Objective of the assignment

The engagement of the expertincludes

(a) following services:

a1.Communication with the project team of the National Roma Centrum as a direct beneficiary of the expert support for the social enterprise “Hygiene Plus” which is developing to provide cleaning services;

a2.Development and preparation of a strategy for the social enterprise of NRC, for a period of three years 2022-2024(8 days);

a3. Preparation and delivery of activity report and time sheet (in English), 5 days after the engagement is finished;

a4.For this activity is provided  an engagement of 8 working days;

a5. Acceptance and respect of the principles and ethic values of the NRC;

a6. Communication and cooperation with all participants in the project;

The engagement of theexpert includes

(b) following deliverables:

b1. Prepared strategy for social enterprise of NRC;

b2. Activity report in English (delivered 5 days after finishing the engagement tasks);

b3. Time sheet (delivered 5 days after finishing the engagement tasks);

Expected duration of assignment is 8 days during February-March 2022.

III.  Duty travel &accommodation

There are no related costs for duty travel and accommodation.

IV. Coordination& reporting

Contact point/responsible person for the assignment are

  • Co-facilitator from NRC
  • Organizational Development Coordinator from NRC.

The assignment includesDevelopment and preparation of a strategy for the social enterprise of NRC,for a period of three years 2022-2024.

The engaged expert will report once after finishing of the assignment with activity report in English and time sheet.

V.  Qualification requirements

Quantitative and qualitative criteria upon which offers will be evaluated are:

  • At least bachelor degree;
  • Minimum 3 years of documented work experience in the field of social entrepreneurship;
  • Minimum 3 years of expertise and experience in strategic planning;
  • Knowledge of national documents as well as strategic documents related to social entrepreneurship;
  • Knowledge in Microsoft Office and secured internet access;
  • Digital literacy in modern communication tools (Zoom, Blue Jeans).

VI.         Application procedure:

Deadline for submission of offers is 18.02.2022 until 16:00 p.m.

Offers should be submitted on the following e-mails: [email protected] and [email protected].

Offer should contain following documents:

  • Work biography
  • Copy of graduate diploma
  • Letter of interest with short description about relevant knowledge and experience for this call
  • At least3examples of previous work in similar tasks in last 5 years
  • Current status scanned in original not older than 6 months if the applicant is legal entity
  • Offered gross price per day in Macedonian denars (travel costs included)

VII.  Evaluation of the offers

Incomplete applications or applications received after the deadline for submission will not be taken into consideration.

Best value for money principle will be taken into account by using a weighted scoring method to evaluate the combination of the applicants’ qualification (80%) and financial proposal (20%).

When using this weighted scoring method, the award of the contract will be made to the bidder whose offer has been evaluated and determined as:

·         Responsive/compliant/acceptable, and

·         Having received the highest combined score out of a weighted technical and financial evaluation specific to the solicitation

1.     Technical evaluation (80%)

The technical evaluation of the received offers will consist of:

·         Evaluation of professional experience (relevance of50%)

·         Evaluation of examples of previous work in similar tasks (relevance of 20%)

·         Evaluation of formal education (relevance of 10%)

2.     Financial evaluation (20%)

The evaluation of the financial offers will be conducted in the following manner:

·         The offer with the lowest price shall receive the total of 20 points

·         The other offers with higher prices shall receive the respective score according to the following formula: 20* (Lowest Price / Proposed Price).

VIII.   Terms of payment

NRCwill sign a contract with the selected applicant. The payment will be made by NRC in two installments: first installment of 30% of the total gross amount of the offered and accepted price after concluding the contract and second installment of 70% of the total gross amount after completion of engagement and approval of the submitted report and time sheet.

IX.Declaration of relationships

The Applicant shall describe if their organization/employees have any business or personal relationships with closely associated party from We Effect, its Regional Office in Skopje, its governing bodies and employees or with similar bodies/persons of NRC.

Closely associated party (persons, physical or legal) as per We Effect’s definition is considered person who has the possibility to exert control over, or significant influence on, the other person when it comes to financial and operative decision-making concerning an activity. The purpose of the Declaration is to disclose such information which makes the application and evaluation process more transparent and supports the bids in its relevance according to conditions on the open market.