Kumanovo, 18 august 2017 (MIA)-creating mechanisms with which the smaller communities would have a bigger influence in decision making in the municipalities and strengthening the capacities of the civil organizations and the citizens in encouraging the tolerance, collaboration and participation of the smaller communities in deciding, is the purpose of the project “Improving the participation of smaller communities on a local level“ which in the last 18 months was implemented by National Roma Centrum (NRC) –Kumanovo.

As it was said in today’s presentation of the final report, this project foresees adopting the strategy by the municipal council on which it was said that the cooperation between the local authorities and the civil sector in the direction of improving the status of smaller ethnic communities and their approach towards better education, bigger opportunity for employment, accomplishing and promoting rights in the area of culture.

-The purpose is to encourage the interethnic dialogue in the municipalities which will contribute towards trust among citizens in the local institutions in solving the problems of the smaller communities and all the citizens that live in the area of Kumanovo. We hope that the new social structure will continue with the support and will adopt the strategy with action plan for improving the participation of communities which will show that they listen to the voice of the citizens, said Ashmet Elezovski from NRC.

According to the project coordinator, Aleksandra Georgievska, the activities of the project, despite in Kumanovo and Kocani, were also realized in Bitola, Tetovo and Prilep. Through the project, a dialogue between the parties concerned was established in the municipalities.

Improving the participation of smaller communities on local level was carried out in collaboration with the partner organization AVENA from Kocani and support was provided from EU and INSOK delegation.