March 10 2020 ,

The National Roma Centrum (NRC) had working visits from Mr. Hugo Bechtel, Director of the French Institute and Counsellor for cooperation and culture , together with Ms. Julie Maraval Attaché for Cooperation representatives on France Embassy in North Macedonia.

The meeting focused on the current situation of Roma. A retrospective of the Roma status and situation was made in the context of Roma history, culture and education for the past years, which today is with a large percentage of diversity, the Roma are neglected.

Information was exchanged regarding the current situation in North Macedonia during the Pandemic, the election process, the census, identity, culture and numbers in the cities of the country as well as the forced migration of Roma and non-Roma, their integration in Europe.

Everyone has the right to seek a better future and life.

The Roma political participation since the independence of the country in the highest legislature until a few years ago had a solid contribution and the Roma commitment was an example worldwide for the achieved development levels: Roma MPs, Ministers, media, Roma municipality, directors…..

Roma activists participating in the chronological development of the Roma movement in North Macedonia contributed to the country to be a positive example of the position and status of Roma The world, contributed to the positive development of the Roma European Movement. Roma MPs in the European Parliament, employed Roma in European institutions, national European countries….

But today in the country the Roma absence is visible. The war in Ukraine was discussed, it was pointed out that every war today is a cause of crises and consequences that are difficult to overcome.

However, hope and positive messages for the cessation of hostilities will be accepted and applied to overcome the current World Socio-Economic Crisis.

At the meeting on behalf of NRC Ashmet Elezovski to Mr Hugo Bechtel Advisor for Cooperation and Culture and Ms. Julie Maraval Attaché for Cooperation of the French Embassy in Skopje thanked for the visit and interest in the work of the NRC organization and the current situation of the Roma.

This visit will contribute to the positive energy and visibility of the National Roma Centrum.

The cooperation that we hope for many years will successfully continue to improve the civic status of all with a view to the Roma in the country.