The integration of Roma is a process, not an event!

There are many reports and many ongoing initiatives. There are no results, and the antigypsyism is spreading. Less and less institutions and foundations stayed active (SOROS, World Bank, European Commission, ERTF, ERRC…) in their commitment to improve the situation of the Roma.

The life of Roma is getting worse every day. The National Roma Centrum (NRC) from Kumanovo is hoping for mutual efforts and support for the current situation from the institutions responsible for the creating and implementing the politics. The aim is to have visible results, to have Roma with personal documents, Roma with the freedom of movement, Roma with legalized homes, better health and a higher percentage of employed Roma.

The executive director of NRC, Asmet Elezovski, gave this statement for Europe Day:

„The advanced ideas from the past, are valuable for the development of every nation and country. I ask, as a European citizen, all previous efforts from the institutions and the citizens to be directed toward the breaking down of barriers in order to have a real inclusion of the Roma in everyday life. The politics of the countries-candidates and countries-members of the European Union should be visible and practical with the funds directly aimed toward the stabilization of the living standard of the Roma“ and adds:

„The rights of freedom of speech and freedom of movement should be the key toward the process of implementation of the Roma strategy 2014 – 2020, and at the same time we should not neglect the four important objectives (housing, health, employment and education) of the Decade of Roma 2005 – 2015. The Roma are citizens of the country where they were born, but above all, they are European citizens and it is urgent to seriously accept the Roma issue as an political problem, because that is the only way to find the right solution.”

This is not a wish. This is an urgent and real need!

The National Roma Centrum congratulates the 9th May, Europe Day, to the citizens, with the appeal for mutual respect and efforts for the development of tolerance and humanity.