Buvero 6 Macedonia – Roma Media Training Program

National Roma Centrum – Kumanovo through the project “Supporting Roma women to identify their needs, seek their rights and increase their access to services for those who survived violence   “with the support of UN Women, for gender equality and empowerment of women, announce a  competition for civic training for journalism using new innovative digital technology. The program is for Roma girls aged 15-25 years from North Macedonia.

Camp Date: 08.07-12.07.2019

Location: Etno selo, Kumanovo (All costs for the participants are covered by the organizer)

What is BUVER? BUVERO means a shell in Roma language and symbolizes good communication, positive relations and the power of women.
National Roma Centrum – Kumanovo announce a  competition for civic training for journalism using new innovative digital technology.  The program is for Roma girls aged 15-25 years from North Macedonia.  During the training you will learn how to work on social issues in video form. You will have the opportunity to record a video on issues related to women’s equality, the fight against domestic violence and women’s leadership. You can be part of the activities of the Roma civic sector, develop your own creative thoughts and ideas, personal stories and record it all in your own video.

When? The training will last 5 days between July 08 (arrival) and July 12 (departure) 2019. You will have the opportunity to participate in discussions and workshops on the following topics: equality of the Roma woman, leadership, domestic violence, creation of stories, identity, basics of photography, video recording. During the practical part, participants in groups of four members will record and edit their own videos for a socially important issue. The best video will be posted to our online sources. Where? The camp will be organized in Kumanovo where the participants will receive special training.

For who?

If you are curious, young Roma (between 15-25 years old) and would like to find out the basics of journalism including photography and video recording, we are waiting for you to apply!

What do we expect from you?

If you are selected as a participant in BUVERO, all costs will be covered by the program. You are expected to participate in all 5 days of training in return. We will provide support and guidance for your stories. With all this you will have the opportunity to show the world for what you are capable of.

What should you do? If you want to be on the BUVERO workout:

1.Fill out the form with your personal information.

2.Write a motivation letter and explain why you want to participate in the workout.  The following questions could give you some idea for the motivation letter:

  • What do you want to tell the world about how to be a Roma woman? Why are you the person who should tell this story?
  • If you were a researcher and leader what kind of stories would you like to tell? What kind of persons would you interview about discrimination, gender equality, violence, and domestic violence? Why?
  • What changes do you expect in the future in the field of protection against discrimination, promotion of gender equality, prevention of violence and domestic violence for Roma girls and women?

3. Request a letter of recommendation from one of your professors or a member of a Roma or other civil society organization.

4.Send us the documents by e-mail or by post mail no later than June 20 at the following address: NRC: “Done Bozinov” 11/5, 1300 Kumanovo.

e mail: [email protected]

For further information, please contact: 076 280 530

We will notify you not later than June 24th.

The selected participants of BUVERO will be announced on June 25th.

Subject on your email: “I want to be a BUVERO girl!”





Name of your school / city:

How did you understand about the training?

Phone number:

E-mail address:

I have been declared openly as a Roma woman:                 yes                 no

Do you have a passport or ID:                                                 yes                 no

Do you have an allergic reaction?                                           yes                no


Special needs in terms of food do not                                  yes                  no


What do you expect from the workout?