Today, the National Roma Centrum (NRC) and the Food Bank distributed food and hygiene packages to 88 families who are socially vulnerable categories of citizens from Kumanovo.

The authorities believe that the aid will help at least a little to the vulnerable categories of families, in conditions when the price of food products is increasing. The packages are provided with the support of the CBF and the Government.

  • Today, on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, we distributed food packages. I hope that the example will be followed by others, institutions, other organizations, individuals. In this way, we will contribute at least a little to alleviate poverty, because time is difficult and requires solidarity and basic human humanity, said the executive director of NRC, Ashmet Elezovski.

He reminded that in the past period, food packages were distributed to vulnerable categories of citizens.

Dushko Hristov from the Food Bank of Macedonia informed that they had a similar action in May, adding that the Food Banks are operating during the pandemic, which only increased the number of aid seekers, as well as the current crisis period by increasing prices of certain products.

  • The project is supported by the Government in the program for support of organizations dealing with Covid 19 and CBF Macedonia, which has been a supporter of the actions for years. It is a sin that we have a draft law for donating surplus food, we have been working on it for two years and instead of testing it in times of crisis, it is in a drawer. I hope that after the New Year we will encourage the topic. We, as a member of the European Federation of Food Banks, know how things are in Europe and we can pass on the information here and build a system that is good for everyone. On the one hand, a small country, and on the other hand, we throw a lot of food, said Hristov.

CFF’s Jeff Lee said they have been supporting the Food Bank for ten years, especially now during the Covid 19 crisis, and said they would continue to support it in the future.

It is planned to distribute 500 food packages that will be distributed in seven municipalities, Kumanovo, Stip, Kavadarci, Bitola, Veles, Chair and Center.

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