15.February 2022   Kumanovo

        Respected members,

According to the initial information provided to you to book the date of 3 March  2023 for the maintenance of the “Regular Annual Assembly 2022” we   provide you with the Draft Agenda, at the same time we inform you if you need more information feel free to contact  no. The meeting will be held at the Premises of the Association National Roma Centre Kumanovo at 11/5 Done Bozinov Street, 1300 Kumanovo, R.S.Macedonia. Anyone who is unable to physically attend will be able to attend via the Internet option – a group annual meeting of the VIBER program.

The NRC expects your consolidation to participate  in an annual meeting  with data on your mobile number  to  be included in the  Annual Assembly of the ZNRC  2023 group by Friday by 10 am on 3 March 2023 at the latest.

The general assembly is held according to the statute and rules  of the organization,  and the need for a tuelana situation in which there is a need to adopt documents, revise membership, open discussion that will be under the current miscellaneous but aimed  at overcoming current barriers, and promoting and  preparing proposal projects according to the mission and vision of the ZNRC,  as well as the needs of citizens to access rights from all levels of life.

In addition to the Draft Agenda.