During the media camp Buvero 2017 Roma girls prepared 3 interesting video stories promoted in front of an audience and caused huge interest

National Roma centrum with the support from the European’s programme Europe for citizens on the 21st of August organized promotion of short documentaries prepared by the participants in the media camp Buvero 2017. Three documentaries were promoted: Roma or Slave, Dream and We are the change.

Dream is an animated video, a story that creatively points out the challenges of a Roma girl with the accent of the importance and meaning of education. The authors of the movie were Marina Simeunovik, Ralica Dimitrova, Evelin Kamperovska and Rahilda Kadriova, under the mentorship of Slavica Kurcinska.

Roma or Slave is a story of 2 sisters from Roma Nationality and their facing with stereotypes prejudges and discrimination. The screenplay and realization are by Dzenet Koko, Zeljka Nikolik, Birsana Demirovska and Sefade Fejzovska, under the mentorship of Martin Davitkovski.

We are the change is a creative music video which transmitted the emotions of the girls from the traditional Roma families which caused a huge interest in the audience at the promotion. The authors of the video Tanja Gjorgjevik, Sonita Fejzovska, Tamara Askovik, Mersida Demirovska under the mentorship of Nebojsha Ilijevski.

Certificates were given to all the participants in the media camp Buvero 2017 at the promotion.

In the media camp buvero 2017 girls from Macedonia, Serbia and Bulgaria participated. The main purpose of the camp was motivating young Roma girls through training in journalism and using new innovative digital technology. The training was realized at the beginning of August 2017.In the theoretical part experts from different fields held lectures on the following themes: visual historic retelling, media ethics, identity, journalism basis, photography basis, video recording, and television editing and practical part where the participants were divided in groups and recorded and edited their own videos.

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