The camp Buvero 2017 was held traditionally for the third time at Etno Selo Kumanovo throught the program Europe for citizens by the European commission in partnership with National Roma Centrum and Romedia Foundation

National Roma Centrum in partnership with Romedia Foundation with the support of the program Europe for citizens by the European commission organized the camp Buvero for the third time in which 12 Roma girls participated from Macedonia, Serbia and Bulgaria.

During the training audio-visual material is produced and a network for communication between Roma women which in their future activities will be able to inform about the current social issues, influences on public policies and create positive change in their communities and lives.

The purpose of the camp is for young Roma women to develop professional skills promoting equal opportunities, recognition of their culture through equal opportunities provided by the media. They will have the opportunity to report for their communities using their own words, with their perspective, practice that helps them fight against discrimination. They get to strengthen their skills in new creative ways of expression during the training.

Also, Buvero in Roma means school, which on is a symbol for good communication, positive relations and power of femininity. Buvero is an innovative idea for the start of a process of change in the community and in the lives of Roma women. The program provides media, leadership and training for journalist of Roma girls/women. It is designed to increase self-confidence in girls through ruling digital journalism and new media skills, encouraging activism in the community and social changes.

The main focus in the camp Buvero 5 this year was strengthening Roma girls through high quality intensive trainings in basis in journalism, including public figures in Macedonia and broader for personal support of the participants , youth training for sharing what they learn in the community and encouraging participants to be speakers for their communities.

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