During the camp Buvero 20 sessions were held, divided in 5 themes from the theoretical part.

The first day “Me and my story” was dedicated to the Roma identity and Ljuan Koko talked about this theme with the participants, representative from the Association Cerez from Serbia, with a broad working experience from the area of journalism and the rights of minorities. He discussed the topic of identity as a force of shaping the community, prejudice and the meaning of the Roma community. Zorica Kubicic, a journalist from Serbia talked about the way of informing about Roma in the media.

Vaska Bajramovska Mustafa Ombudsman Deputy, talked to the girls about discrimination, prejudice and stereotypes, which caused many reactions and discrimination. Ashmet Elezovski executive director of National Roma Centrum talked on the topic of Roma identity.

The second day “Me and my story” was dedicated to telling personal stories through exercises and presentations, later focusing on journalism through introduction of basic journalism genres, types of information and practical exercises. These were organized by Irfan martez and Slavica Curcinska, members of national Roma Centrum. The evening session, the stories were told through theatre and film thanks to the actress Sanela Emin.

The third day “ Communication and photography “ was started by Nebojsha Ilijevski who through interesting exercises and games lead the girls to ways of communication and telling, and later in the day the telling was done by practical exercises for photography in the sessions lead by Dejan Dzingarski. The evening session dedicated to the role of Roma activists was left to Sebihana Skenderovska.

The forth day was a gradual crossing from theory to practical part when the forming of ideas and the stories from the second part from the camp became a video.

The remaining 4 days were dedicated to practical work, story making, screenplay, recording, and editing of 3 video stories.

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