NRC sends a call for volunteers

Based on the Volunteering Program and Strategy 2015-2018, National Roma Centrum (NRC) announces a call for selection of volunteers. A volunteer in the NRC can be a citizen of R.M. or foreign person in accordance with the applicable regulations of Republic of Macedonia.


The volunteer needs to fulfill the following criteria:

  • To beaged18-35years
  • To arrange your own accommodation, cover your personal living expenses, insurance, visa and travel costs (if needed)
  • Toregulatethe stayin accordancewith the applicablelegislationin case ofa foreign national
  • To havecompleted a minimum ofsecondaryeducation
  • To submita notarized statement (Police check / Background check) that he\sheis notpenalized for a legal offense(foreign national only)


The first step if you wish to volunteer is to fill out an application form for volunteering available on the website of the NRC ( Aplikacija-za-volonteri.doc) or a hard copy available at the headquarters of the organization, along with a CV and motivation letter of maximum 300 words. The selected volunteers can volunteer at NRC in duration from 2 to 6 months. The applications deadline is 20 November 2015.

NRC’s mission via mobilization and empowering people by using advocacy based on rights and participatory approach, will support its constituents (Roma and others who live in social risk) to meet their basic rights and enjoy their equal society freedoms, represents also a foundation for this Volunteering program and Strategy of the National Roma Centrum.

NRC’s volunteering strategy program consistently follows the organization’s strategic priorities from 2015 to 2018 as defined in three priority areas such:

  • Decent homeandliving conditions
  • Access to qualityhealth servicesand information
  • Equalopportunitiesof access tojusticeand rule of law


Application form for volunteering