The National Roma Center, the food bank and Eco Life, these days distributed about 50 food
packages to the vulnerable categories of citizens from Kumanovo and Kavadarci, following
October 17, the International Day for the Fight against Poverty, the NRC announced today.
The associations say that in the conditions of a growing trend of poverty at the global,
national and local level, it is important to adopt policies that will contribute to alleviating the
difficult living conditions. According to them, due to the pandemic and now the economic and
energy crisis, it is possible that the number of poor people will grow.

-Poverty is getting worse, the percentage of citizens’ poverty is increasing day by day,
regardless of nationality, gender, religion. For a number of years, the National Roma Center
advocated for policies that would improve the situation of marginalized groups, but
unfortunately after the world global pandemic, and the current economic crisis and wars,
everything returned to an even more difficult survival. Most of the strategies and analyzes
that were presented by world, European, national and local relevant representatives from
institutions did not contribute to the improvement of the situation. Every help is valuable,
the humane and human dimension has been lost, we have a division into two classes, the
extremely poor and the rich class.

The food bank points out that food is needed every day and all institutions, citizens, jointly
guided by humanity, should help the most vulnerable.

– Together against hunger and food waste, the Food Bank said.
In the past four years, with the support of FOOM during the world pandemic, and
cooperation with the Food Bank, the National Roma Center has been part of the process for
poverty alleviation and better health at the national and local level.