Subject: Advertisement for employment determined time

20 May 2011


ANRC is publishing this advertisement for employment for determined time (6 moths) for the position Lawyer with passed Bar exam for providing legal assistance (one executor)

The applied candidates need to fulfill the following conditions:

  • finished Law faculty;
  • passed Bar exam;
  • minimum 2 years working experience as a lawyer;
  • citizen of Republic of Macedonia;
  • knowledge of a foreign language (English);
  • computer skills (Microsoft Office™, Open office, Linux, internet browsers and e-mail)

Working obligations

  • to coordinate the obligations from the Contract for cooperation with FOSM within the frameworks of the project “Support for association for registering in the Registry of authorized associations of citizens for providing legal assistance”
  • Promotion of the project in the region where NRC Kumanovo;

Necessary document for applying

  • Diploma for finished Law faculty
  • Certificate for passed Bar exam
  • (Curriculum Vitae)

The dead line for delivering of documents for applying to this advertisement is 8 *eight) days, considered from the day of publishing of the advertisement, not counting the day of publishing.

Please state telephone contacts and e-mail address.

Documents with designation/subject of the message advertisement for employing of a lawyer with a passed bar exam, can be delivered by:

E-mail: [email protected]

By post at: “Done Bozinov” 11/5, 1300 Kumanovo

By fax: 031/427-558

The candidates that will not receive any feedback from ANRC within 8 days can be considered as rejected.

Association National Roma Centrum