Creative interactive workshops with students from primary and secondary schools from Kumanovo with aim to get them acquainted with stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination and how to influence their reduction and prevention

National Roma Centrum on 19th of October 2018 organized a workshop that is part of the Campaign DOSTA! Go beyond prejudice, meet the Roma” and celebration of the Day “Roma Pride”. The activities are supported by campaign DOSTA! program of the Council of Europe.

The campaign DOSTA! “Get over the Prejudices, Meet the Roma” ” and celebration of the Day “Roma Pride” is being implemented in cooperation with primary and secondary schools from Kumanovo. Over 60 students and 13 mentor teachers took part in the workshop.

In the first part of the workshop the students were divided in two groups, and each of the groups participated simultaneously in two different workshops, and in such manner each group participated in the following workshops:

The two multicultural workshops in which students had the opportunity interactively and through games to familiarize themselves with cultural differences, stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination workshop was led by Irsan Jasharovski from the Association “Symbiosis12”.

Two Creative workshops for recognizing stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination through theater and acting where students were introduced to theater art and had the opportunity to visually recognize cases of stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination through the acting and forum theater. The workshop was led by Sanela Emin a professional actor from Skopje.

The third workshop was dedicated for acquaintance with the values and cultural heritage of the Roma community in order to make the students more familiar with the Roma through their History, Culture and Tradition.

In the second part of the workshop through group work, the students together with their Teachers worked on defining messages, quotes of creative artwork which will be written or drawn on the shirts and ideas that each school is going to present them while the recording of the creative video against stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination.  At the end of the workshop, the students presented the ideas with which they will work on the event that will celebrate the day of “Roma Pride”.


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