The National Roma Centrum (NRC) donated masks, food and hygiene packages to vulnerable categories of citizens in Kumanovo.

According to the NRC, more than 500 masks and over 400 packages of food and hygiene items were distributed.

  • The assistance is provided by the Open Society Foundation and additionally by the health program and human rights initiative, by the Open Society Foundation. I hope we have alleviated this situation. They are divided into vulnerable categories of citizens in all settlements in the city. The Sirmatia does not choose by nationality, and unfortunately in this period it is further deepened, said the Executive Director of the NRC, Ashmet Elezovski.

The actions for division of masks and packages, NRC realized in coordination with the Red Cross Kumanovo.

According to Elezovski, in this period it is important to point out that in addition to the pandemic, the number of poor people is growing.

  • We fear that the number of poor people will increase if this situation continues. International support is needed, not only in food and hygiene packages, but also in the form of vouchers that will make life easier for the vulnerable categories – says Elezovski.

NRC, Elezovski added, will continue to work with donors to help the poorest citizens of Kumanovo and the country. During this week, hygiene products intended for pregnant women from Kumanovo will be distributed, with the support of HERA. / MIA

April 2020