On the occasion of 25 years of FOОM, the team of the National Roma Centrum participated in this event and had the opportunity to thank the first director, Mr. Vladimir Milchin, the  director Fani Karanfilova Panovska, the director of the program, Slavica Indzevska, for the successful cooperation and unselfish effort for resolving and developing Roma issues.

From the executive director  Ashmet Elezovski , on behalf of the National Roma Centrum and a large part of the Roma population from Macedonia who were supported in solving their problems  of violated rights, legalization of their homes, scholarships,  were awarded T-shirts in a sign of embassy and respect.


Thank you


Тhe conference was attended by prominent figures from the region of the Balkans, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, Patrick Gaspard, President of the Foundation , respected professors, analysts, civic activists, Macedonians from different ethnic communities.

Skopje, May 21, 2018
Museum of Contemporary

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