The first working day of the camp Buvero 2016 was marked by the participants and their stories


Roma women’s cross-cultural network Buvero 2016 arranged training for a group of 11 girls from the Roma community in Macedonia to produce audio-visual materials and to form a network of communication between Roma women.

The first day, “Me and my story, culture and access to the community” was dedicated to Roma identity and on this subject Asmet Elezovski had a discussion with the participants, as one of the activists at national and international level and Ramo Rushidovski, author of important works on the history of Roma. They discussed about the importance of identity as a force for shaping the community. At the end of the first two sessions the participants received a copy of the book by the author Rushidovski “Roma in Europe”.

The third session was dedicated to the prejudices and stereotypes led by Irfan Martez, activist and member of the National Roma Centrum.

The subject about journalism during the first day was opened by Slavica Curcinska, journalist with experience in local media and projects dedicated to the Roma community. She worked 2 sessions with the participants on making reports and sorganizing interviews.


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