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Creative happening with the students from primary and secondary schools in Kumanovo, which aim was the pupils in a creative way to express their views visually against prejudices, stereotypes and discrimination, and thus mark the day of “Roma Pride”

And this year for the fourth time on November 2nd, the National Roma Centrum organized the Creative happening, which is a central activity and part of the DOSTA! Campaign  “Overcome the prejudices, meet the Roma” and mark the day “Roma Pride”, financially supported by the program of Council of Europe.

All students from 11 primary and secondary schools from Kumanovo, with the support of their professors mentors, with their painting brushes and a wide range of colors, stood firmly in front of their t-shirts, reflecting their ideas, translated into messages and picturesque situations.

At the beginning of the happening it was possible to see how the already discussed and shaped ideas began to appear on T-shirts, with skillfully drawn lines from the hands of talented students. Everywhere in the room the creative flow was felt, and all students were busy drawing the initial lines. Little bit later on some tables were noticed skillfully drawn messages, and on other tables certain students expressed their talent through pictures showing the situations dominated by finely combined colors, while some students came to express the talent and refined sense of drawing of given forms through which they expressed the subtle sense of their message.

At the end of the workshop, in this way, each of the 140 participants proudly stood together with their art work in front of the cameras with a clear message against stereotypes and prejudices towards the Roma, but also a message for a better society for all.

From the video records of this year’s creative happening, a creative video will be made, in which, besides the process of creation of artworks, the messages expressed by the students themselves against the stereotypes and prejudices will be displayed. This video together with the artwork will be displayed on the day of raising the awareness and the solemn awarding of certificates for the students who took part in this creative action.

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